Heavy Metal Sky

Civil War

While the Dark Tribe was grilling at the airfield, reporter Mary MacMorn and Father Brian Flanigan drove up in Flanigan’s car. Father Flanigan asked Hera for special consideration for his church, since it was taking in refugees, and then asked Hera to admit that the Dark Tribe was fighting in Skye for money and not for idealism, but Hera did not admit any such thing. Mary wanted to interview the Dark Tribe for a “human interest piece,” and Hera permitted it. The Dark Tribe claimed a philosophical support for the cause of Katherine Steiner-Davion. Mary was impressed by King Louie and asked him out. He accepted her invitation.

Catalyst called everyone into the office as Mary was finishing up her interviews and showed them photos of Mary having sex with Marshal Hans Mann. The Dark Tribe decided to gather more information about Mary.

King Louie and Mary went on a date together to a restaurant by the lake. They could hear a distant artillery barrage while they dined. King Louie surprised and impressed Mary with an impetuous dance right in the restaurant, and later they walked around the lake. King Louie proposed sex to Mary, but Mary rebuffed him gently.

Meanwhile, Catalyst and Hera talked a doorman into letting them into Mary’s apartment, where they copied the contents of her tablet computer, her data crystal of extensive interviews with Hans Mann, and a secret data crystal they found hidden in her bed post. A security program on Mary’s computer photographed Hera’s face during the operation.

Examination of Mary’s tablet files showed she had contact with both sides of the war on Skye. Hera directed Mike to decrypt Mary’s secret data crystal and to edit the interviews with Mann to create a propaganda piece against the loyalists.

King Louie took Junkyard to the Gravity Well to meet some girls, but they ran into Catalyst playing poker with her old buddies from Squadron 6, including Werewolf. They planned to play pool against the Squadron 6 pilots, but Junkyard accidentally hit one of them with a pool cue. Squadron 6 provoked Junkyard and King Louie, and King Louie threw the first punch, starting a brawl. Werewolf beat King Louie and took the Dark Tribe crest from the wall.

Hera showed up after the brawl. She was angry at King Louie for taking Junkyard to the Gravity Well and getting in a fight, and even more angry when she learned that Squadron 6 took their crest. She tried to take their crest, but the bartender told her that’s not how it’s done. King Louie proposed challenging Werewolf to a “shooting competition” for the crest. Hera was initially against it, but saw that King Louie needed to win one and finally agreed.


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